Healing Families Through Delicious Food…

There is so much stress and so much to do as a busy parent these days. Many times meals are an after thought instead of being the focal point of the day. Because of this, parents (especially those of children with special needs) find it overwhelming when considering putting their little ones on a special diet. There is so much info out there and the time it takes to prepare nutritious meals from scratch just simply isn't feasible. Relax, you are not the only one struggling! That's where Chef Rosie comes in to truly help you with her services. Imagine having everything you need in your freezer, individually packaged and labeled, with step by step instructions on how to heat and serve a delicious and healing meal for your family or child. It's that simple. If you are considering putting your child or family on a special healing diet but don't know where to begin, take your first step and give Chef Rosie a call.

Chef Rosie focuses on organic, grass fed, pasture raised meats; fermented vegetables/foods, healing bone broth, and traditional rustic cooking. She also has a passion for Latin cuisine and can incorporate it in any menu. With Chef Rosie the sky's the limit!



Contact Info:


(682) 553-2948

Chef Rosie Dodd is based in the DFW Metroplex of North Texas



Please call Rosie anytime for pricing and to set up an initial consultation in order to properly assess your needs.



What Do The Holistic Chef Personal Chef Services Include?

Initial Consultation

Assess likes, dislikes, special dietary needs.

Determine if you would like your meals fresh or frozen.

Arrange a schedule for cooking (weekly, bi-weekly.)


Customized Menu Planning

Supply you with a menu and feeding scedule.

Design menus specifically for your dietary needs.

Feature fresh and seasonal items in every meal.


Delivery to Your Home

Your meals and snacks will be cooked and delivered promptly.

Delivery is included in the price of whatever plan you choose.


Allergen Free Kitchen

Before anything is prepared, the kitchen is detoxed and thoroughly sanitized.

Only non-toxic, organic cleaning products are used.

Food is only prepared in non-toxic cookware.

Every meal is stored in American made glass canning jars.

Who Is The Holistic Chef?

Chef Rosie Dodd is a classically trained Chef who studied at The Art Institute of Dallas, and has been cooking passionately for over 15 years. After meeting a family that was looking for someone to help them administer the GAPS Diet for their son with ASD, Rosie discovered her true calling: Healing people through food. Her love of cooking could actually help and heal someone in need. It was an amazing and truly life changing event. Soon Rosie was researching the impact of diet on healing children with ASD, ADHD, IBS, Food Allergies, and Auto-Immune Disease. It was incredible how many parents were opting to put their children on special diets in order to help them. After working with her clients for just over five months, it was incredible to see that most of their three-year-old son's food sensitivities had disappeared or greatly diminished. The feeling of helping someone through the power of a healing diet is something that is indescribable. Chef Rosie truly cares about the people she is working with and it shows with everything she so lovingly prepares.

Rosie recently attended the Autism Education Summit in Dallas, TX. There she met and has since worked with Author and Nutritionist Julie Mathews, as well as other important people in the Autistic Community. Chef Rosie has experience in cooking GAPS Intro, Full GAPS, Weston A Price, Paleo Diet, AIP, Gluten Free Casein Free, Low Oxalate, Rotation Diet, SCD, and FODMAPS. Rosie truly believes that diet is the key to proper healing and that each person thrives on an individual approach with food.